The Boy in The Striped Pajamas

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The Boy in The Striped Pajamas

Takes place in Nazi Germany during WW2. Story starts out in Berlin but moves to "Out-With"(Auschawitz) when Bruno and his Family move there.

Bruno's Family are Nazis that is why they are livng at the home outside if Auschwitz camp. They are lving there during the holocaust. That is why many of the soldiers and Bruno's family treat jewish people so poorly. Shmuel is a jewish inmate at the camp and that is why he fears the soldiers, and he is being starved whic is why he always aks Bruno for food. The reason Bruno is forbidden to leave his yard is becuase of the concentration camp, and the awful smells are the Jewish people at the camp being gassed and burned.

Bruno (main Charcter)- 9 years old son of Nazi commandant, and bestfriends with Shmuel.Shmuel- 9 years old, Jewish inmate at Auschwits camp, and is bestfriends with Bruno.Gretel- 12 years old, daughter of Nazi commandant, and is Bruno's sister.Lieutenant Kurt Kotler- 19 years old, Nazi soldier, and often mistreats jews and angers Bruno.Mother- Bruno's mother, wife of Nazi commandant, and is also having an affair with Kurt.Father (Ralph)- Bruno's father and Nazi commandant.Maria- Bruno's family's maid.Pavel- a jewish man who pells potatoes and is killed by Lieutenat Kotler.Herr Liszt- Bruno and Gretle's tutor.

One of the mant the many themes demonstared throughout this book is innocence. It is shown throught the book through Bruno the main charcter who is around very sinsiter things during the holocaust but does not undertsnd them and often misinterprets things he hears. Such as how Bruno this the death camp he can see from his window is a farm, how he thinks the inmates wear pajamas, how he thinks he lives at Out-with but it's actually Auschawitz, how he thinks that Hitler is called the fury, and how he thinks that his father being sent to his new home is a punishment.

Bruno meets his new friends Shmuel on the other side of the fense at Auschwitz concentration camp, which he is forbidden from leavin their yard, and it is very frowned upon to even speak to any of the Jewish inmates that are around the home. ''Bruno: There is such thing as a nice Jew, though, isn't there?Herr Liszt: I think, Bruno, if you ever found a nice Jew, you would be the best explorer in the world.''

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a story about a young boy named Bruno living in Nazi Berlin, Germany, who them moves to a new home ''Out-With''(Auschawitz) with his family for his fathers job as a commandant. Upon arrivial Bruno becomes extremly bored and longs for a friend of his own age. When looking out his window he sees what he belives is a farm with huts and many people and children in ''Striped Pajamas''. He then chooses to go to the famr and befirend to befriend on of the children there. When he gets there he discovers a huge barbed fense and a boy sitting cross-legged on the other side looking sad. Bruno them say hello and introduces himself, the boy does like wise his name is Shmuel. Bruno continues to visit his daily after studies and always brings him food. Shmuel and bruno become very close over the next year, and Bruno find out some of the evil things that occur on the ''farm'' but never really understands them. When bruno dicovers he is to be moving ack to Berlin with his mother he and Shmuel divise a plan to finally go on an adventure on Shmuels side of the fense, he brings Bruno ''pajamas'' so he blends in and Bruno slides under the fense. Their adventure consists of loking for Shmuels father which doesn't get quite far becuase it starts to storm. The soldiers begin to whistle and gather a group of the inmates and lead them on a march to what Bruno and Shmuel think is a shelter from the storm. When the rwach the shelter Bruno and Shmuel become overwhelmed by the all of the people and the hold hands before all of the people in the room are gassed. Bruno's family look for him when it is time to leave only to find bruno's clothing by the fense near the hole he crawled under.

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

By: John Boyne

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We don't have the luxury of thinking... some people do all the thinking for us - Bruno's Mother, page 14.Despite the chaos that followed, Bruno still found that he was still holding Shmuel's hand in his own and there was nothng in the world that could have pursuaded him to let it go, Bruno's inner monolauge, page 213. Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows- John Betjeman, beginning of movie.


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