The Boy In Striped Pajamas

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The Boy In Striped Pajamas

Author: John Boyne

Title: The Boy In Striped Pajamas

Theme-The innocence from children protects them different views of the world

SettingsAushwitz, PolandDuring World War II

CharactersBruno- Son of Nazi CommanmentShmuel-Polish Jew stuck in Concentration CampGretel-Bruno's Older SisterBruno's Dad- High Ranking Officer in German Military


Problems Conflict

Theme Explantation

After Bruno is forced into the gas chamber with Shmuel, and sadly meet their demise. Bruno's Dad frantically searches for his son, and sees the opening under the fence, he realizes what has happened to Bruno. He is ordered to go with some other soldiers and he went without complaint for he doesn't care what they do to him anymore. Bruno's Mom and sister move back to Berlin hoping that he would find his way back.

Plot Summary

Bruno a German nine-year old boy from Berlin is forced to move, due to his dad promotion. Bruno moves to Out-With (Aushwitz) and greatly dislikes his new home. The town doesn't have any boys his age to play with so Bruno is extremely bored. From his room he sees men, children, and the elderly wearing striped pajamas on the opposite side of a fence, which he thinks is a farm. Out of curiosity Bruno decides to go to the fence, and he sees a bald and skinny boy on the other side. Bruno is strucked by the boys sad eyes and dirty skin. They have a conversation where they introduce themselves, and we learn that the boy is named Shmuel and he is from Poland. After their meeting Bruno decides to go their daily playing chess, and talking with Bruno. While talking to his family, they discover that he and his sister have lice. So they treat it with a special shampoo, and the father suggest where to shave all the hair off his head. A few weeks later Bruno's mother is completely tired of Out-With(Aushwitz) and plans to go home. Preperations begin so Bruno, Gretel, and his mother can go home, while his father stays behind for his job. Bruno tells Shmuel about the news, and Shmuel is sadenned by the new. Shmuel then suggests that Brunos comes over to other side for one day, before he leaves for home. The next day Shmuel brings dirty striped pajamas and Bruno changes, and squeezes under the fence. Once Bruno gets in it isn't anything like he thought, it was crowded and people were not playing at all. When Bruno suggests that he goes home, soliders round up the people around them, and is carried into a warm confined room. Bruno is sorry ,that he couldnt find Shmuels Dad, and they hold hands. The room becomes dark and chaotic, but they still continue to hold hands.

-Bruno does not understand the differences between Jews, and Germans. Through the story he is continued to believe that Jews are lesser than Germans and that they are opposite of each other. Bruno has social conflict where he does not understand and accept the Nazi lifestyle, which his father flaunts and is proud of. -Shmuel is brought over to Bruno's house by Lieutenant Kotler, to aid him during a dinner party. While in the kitchen when Bruno is eating cake, Shmuel stares hungrily. Bruno decides to share with Shmuel, but Lieutenant Kotler comes in and accuses Shmuel of stealing cake. However, Shmuel tries to defend himself saying that Bruno shared the cake with him because they were friends. Scared and afraid Bruno denies Shmuels calling for help, and Shmuel is punished for this. Bruno did not know what to do since, he is afraid of consequences of being friends with Shmuel, but is later punished by guilt and regret for leaving Shmuel when he really need Bruno.


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