[2014] Katie Sterett: The Boy in Striped Pajamas

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[2014] Katie Sterett: The Boy in Striped Pajamas

By: John Boyne

Bruno- is an adventurous nine-year old who moved to Aushiwitz where he met and saw jews in the concentration camp. He does not understand why the Nazis hate the Jews so he he becomes curious and goes by the barbed wire at the camp, where he mets a young polish-jew, Shmuel.Shmuel- is a Jew from Poland who was taken from his home and put in the Aushiwitz. He met and became friends with Bruno. When Bruno and Shmuel talked across the fence they exchanged stories, played games, and grew closer as friends.Mother- Gretta and Bruno's mother who thought that Aushwitz was a bad place for her children to grow up. She also disagreed with the Nazis ways of getting rid of and imprisoning the Jews.Father- Gretta and Bruno's father who was a Nazi Military Commandant. He is dedicated to his work and barely sees or takes care of his family.Gretel- Bruno's twelve year old sister who supported the Nazi way of life. She often thought she knew what was best for Bruno.Herr Leist- Gretta and Bruno's tutor who taught about history and discouraged being adventurous. Lieutenant Kurt Kotler- is a strict and mean military man who often hangs around the house and acts like he controls it when the father is away.

When Bruno's father get a more important job in the Nazi military, him and his family move next to a concentration camp, Aushwitz. When Bruno arrive to his new home he looks out his window and sees what he thought were farmers in striped pajamas, He soon realize these "farmers" are not there with their free will. When he gets curious one day he ventures out behind his house and finds a fence, with a boy,his age named Shmuel, on the other side. This mysterious boy in striped pajamas soon becomes Bruno's friend. They share stories almost daily and Bruno brings Shmuel food. One day, when Shmuel loses his father inside the camp Shmuel and Bruno make a plan for Bruno to cross the fence and help Shmuel find his father. When they do this, everyones life forever changes.Problem: Bruno not going along with what his family and the Nazi code.Rising Action: Bruno and Shmuel making a plan to get Bruno to the other side of the fence.The Climax: Bruno crossing the fence.The Resolution: Bruno deciding he is not predijous againist the Jews and is not going to go along with what his family says. He becomesfriends with Shmuel.


The Boy in Striped Pajamas


John Boyne is an Irish author who was born in Dublin, Ireland on April 30, 1971. He has published a total of twelve novels since 1993, four of these novels are for younger readers while the other nine are for adults.

The Author

"The Boy in Striped Pajamas' explores the beauty of a childs innocence in a time of war, the common desire we all have for friendship, and the fences-both literal and figuritive- that we must all navigate and choose whether or not to break down."-ladyvols1

Bruno becomes friends with Shmuel despite what his family says about the dangers of Jews.

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