The boy from the basement

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The boy from the basement

The Boy From The Basement

By:Alyssa Alberto

The Genre of the book is Realistic Fiction/ problem novel

Author: Susan Shaw

Main IdeaTwelve year old charlies is being locked in the basement for punishment for being bad.No clothes for charlies exept for a pair of old shorts,no school, no life, no bed, no food or water all day until it is late at night and he is able to sneak into the kitchen and steal some food little enought that Father won't notice. Long after he is free of his long punishment, Charlies painful story of mental abuse leaves him living in constant fear.

Main CharacterChariles-12yr old who was abusedMother-Chariles motherFather-Chariles abusive fatherMrs.H- Foster motherAmbrose-Foster Brother

Setting:The Basement

ResolutionAfter charlies is taken away from his abusive father Charlies tell's the truth in court about what actually happend in the basement, Charlies is taken away from him home, and is placed in foster care, charlies is now living in a safe enviorment.

Conflict The conflict of the story is that charlies is locked in a basement because his father thinks he is a really bad kid. his mother trys to help him but she really can't,sometimes his father would leave the door unlocked and he would get a drink of water, as charlies is going outside to use the bathroom, the door slames behind him locking him out, he was then found outside by a police officer and taken to a hospital where he then suffers from PTSD

My recomendation and opinion in this book is that it is very dramatic, and slightly scary this book deals with a delicate and dark subject that some people in the world have dealt with, I do not recommend this book for anyone under the age of eleven.


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