The Boston Tea Party

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The Boston Tea Party

My Five Guiding Questions1. What was the monetary value of the tea destroyed ?2. What was one event involving tea that led to the American Revoluotion ?3. What did the Sons of Liberty throw off of the Dartmouth,the Eleanor, and the Beaver in the Boston Habor? 4. Would you particapate in the The Boston Tea Party ?5. Do you think the Boston Tea Party was bad?

The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea PartyThe Boston Tea Party was one event that led to the American revolution led by Benjamin Fanklin, the BostonTea Party was a result of the Sons of Liberty having no voice during the Stamp Act .So the Sons of Liberty took mattter into there own hands and threw forty six tons of tea off the Dartmouth, the Eleanor ,and the Beaver. These three ships had over one hundred boxes of tea.The Monatary value of the tea was 1.7 million dollars,also would you have particapated in the Boston Tea Party ? I know I would have.Also do you think the Boston Tea Party was bad ? I dont think the Boston Tea party was bad but I do think it led to something bad the Revolutionary War.

ConclusionIts time to go but if you were wanting to know who were the Sons of Liberty they were a group of many people the leaders were Paul Revere, John Adams , and Sameul Adams. Thats all for todayhope you learned alot from this presentation .

The Stamp Act happened when the East India Company put tax on tea and other items such as ink


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