[2015] Alyssa Trapp: The Boston Massacre

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American History

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[2015] Alyssa Trapp: The Boston Massacre

Why It HappenedThe colonists were mad about the Townshed acts, when they had to house British soldiers.

The Boston Massacare

InterestingsFacts5 people died,It started with a snowball fight between the Redcoats and the colonists,

How it StartedThe night of March 5, 1770 there was a small argument between a British soldier, Private Hugh White and a few other colonists on the Custom Home in Boston on King street

King George The lll

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The Massacare!More and more people came to the argument and while the king's men tried to get it under control, one of the colonists threw a snowball at them! Soon everyone was shooting and firing. Three people died almost immeadtly while two died later from wounds.

After the Massacare The people were eventually dispersed with the acting from the governer from Boston, Thomas Hutchison. Thirteen were arrested which include eight British soldiers, one officer, and four civillians. Later they had a trial


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