The Boston Gazette

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The Boston Gazette

The Boston Gazette

Facts:•Was taxes on stamps, legal documents, papers, etc.•It was used to gian money from the colonist•The first tax on the colonists from th BritishLoyalist:"Of course they can tax us, we did come from there after all. I don't think they are doing anything wrong.Patriot:"I don't think it's right of them to tax us, this is our land and their land is theirs. It's simply misunderstood."The Stamp act was probably the light to the fire, the beginning of the uproar of the war to come. The patriots believed it wasn't right to be texed by the country the left behind, they did not think it was right. They claimed new land to be away from Britian and they come after the colonist with taxation.

Stamp Act

Facts:•The result of the colonies going against the stamp act• Basically gave Britian the right to tax the colonist• Most likely where the colonists realized the British were on to themLoyalist:"Now that British mostly controls us I feel better about being here, feels like home."Patriot:"This new act opens our eyes, we attempted to repeal the Stamp act and this is their reaction."This is a major reason why the patriots opened their eyes for war. This is an obvious attempt of the British taking over. But, the colonists wanted something new; the reason why they left Britan.

Facts:• A fight faught between the colonists and Britian troops• Started because the British taxed too much goods they gave to the colonists and they boycotted• The colonists finally attempting to take a stand for themselvesLoyalists:"The British were said to come here with weapons, why?"Patriots:"This is where it began, I realized the British were after us. We must break our ties with the British immedietly.Of course this led to the American Revolution, the first fight between the colonists and Britian. It probably created an uproar, a new form of hatred. Leading to more fights/wars to come, or maybe even more forms of Britian still trying to have the upper hand.

Facts:• It was literal tea; not a party• Was a bunch of chests full of tea that were thrown off a boat, that belonged to the British• This was a beginning of a long attempt of rebellionLoyalist:"The British keep giving us goods, the downside for us are the taxes. What has Britian become?"Patriot:"This was another form of us going against the British, we no longer need their help. We need independence"This one is the most interesting, a load of chests full of British tea thrown into the ocean. The colonists finally understand that the British are being unfair to them. This probably made the British angry, leading to the American revolution.

Boston Tea Party

Declaratory Act

Boston Massacre

Note: The quotes are made up to fit the personalities of loyalists/patriots.Adrianna Jones


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