The Borderlands Standards

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The Borderlands Standards

Standard 1 Focus:Map of the U.S.-Mexico BorderlandsSource: Falcorian. (2009, May 31). Religion in the United States. Retrieved July 28, 2015, from

Standard 3 Focus:Interpreting Geo PatternsMajority of remittance income is sent to central Mexico as an affect of American mining and railroad communities’ recruited workers.Source: Quirk, M. (2007, April 1). The Mexican Connection. Retrieved July 29, 2015, from

Standard 2 Focus:Mental Map of trip to from Phoenix to Grand Canyon Source: Driving Directions - Map. (n.d.). Retrieved July 29, 2015, from canyon&2s=az - c628155b6718926eafe34f6c

Standard 11 Focus:Mexico and the US are economically dependent on each other, as exhibited by over 50 automobile parts manufacturing plants have been opened along the U.S./Mexico border starting in the 1990s. Source: Vogel, R. (n.d.). "How Globalization Works: Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas (TMMTX) -- A Case Study" Retrieved August 5, 2015, from

Standard 5 Focus:What is the region of the borderlands?The United States and Mexico borderland is best described as a perceptual region. National Geographic definition says it ““is based on human feelings and attitudes about areas and is defined by people’s shared subjective images”, which I believe individuals have done in naming the area.

National Geographical Standards

Standard 4 Focus:The borderland includes both human and physical characteristics, such as border crossing or Saguaro Cactus.Source: and

Standard 6 Focus:My own cultural perceptions and background affect how I view a region like the borderlands. My stereotype of people crossing the border is probably that they are poor. I do always hate to hear people believe the Mexican nationals are the only people who are crossing the border illegally and want to say there are other nationalities too.

Standard 7 Focus:A great many different physical processes make the borderlands a beautiful landscape. You can see in this image cliff face and slickrock.Source: I captured using the Google Earth tab in

Standard 8 Focus:Eco systems management is crucial to sustain the Earth. Here is a map showing the fire return intervals associated with major vegetation.Source:

Standard 9 Focus:Population geography and migration show density occurs around major United States and Mexico border cities. People north and south settle in these communities. This map made from

Standard 12 Focus:Towns and cities are a mix of history and the people who manage and live in a city today.The famous Pancho Villa raided Columbus, NM in 1916.Source:

Standard 10 Focus:The rich mix of cultures in the borderlands makes this region a wonderful place to live, here are example of religion and food showing culture.Source: https://allisence.wordpress.com2014/12/22/mexican-vendor-eats/ and

Standard 13 Focus:Cooperation between countries wants to decrease traffic and air pollution with the construction of the Otay Mesa East port of Entry. Source: Important Updates on Otay Mesa East Port of Entry (POE)/State Route 11. (2012, October 22). Retrieved August 5, 2015, from


Standard 14 Focus:Humans can alter the environment dramatically, as evidenced by this aerial photograph of the Central Arizona Project showing canal, flora, and irrigated agriculture.Source: I captured image using the Google Earth tab in

Standard 16 Focus:Humans are using resources of the natural environment. For example, Nellis Solar Plant is utilizing the sun, flat ground surface, and clear skies to produce renewable energy to support the Air Force Base.Source: I captured image using the Google Earth tab in

Standard 15 Focus:The physical environment greatly affects individuals. For example, people who choose to live in the desert have to learn to deal with extreme heat, drought, dust storms, and flash flooding.Source:

Standard 17 Focus:Geographic perspectives can help understand the past. For example, Settlement into the region I think began with the search of riches and spreading of the Catholic Church by the Spaniards. Resource #2 Map of Spanish Settlement, Missions, and Presidios shows Spanish and Indian settlements where close together around water sources. The proximity probably allowed Spanish settlers to learn from the Indians and spread their mission views. Source: Ramsey, D. (n.d.). Retrieved August 5, 2015, from

Standard 18 Focus:Geography has many uses in the present and future. This elementary school serves a bi-lingual community in the heart of the city. The close proximity to Downtown provides many locations to explore for teaching purposes especially the Capital. Source: I captured image using the Google Earth tab in


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