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The Book Whisperer

Come prepared to discuss the following:*Memories of Reading - Recall your earliest memories of reading. What do you remember most? Were these good feelings? Are there people, places, things, etc. that you associate with your favorite memories of reading?*Role Models - Reflect on the role models of reading in your life. Think about who you saw reading, who encouraged you to read, who didn't read, etc.

Book Study

The Book Whispererby Donalyn Miller

Get inspired

1). Read the introduction and Chapters 1 & 2.2). Study the Key Components of a Reading Workshop3). What are your thoughts on the Reading Frenzy" described on p. 22 & 23?4) How much importance do you place on the conditions for learning (p. 34) in regards to student success?

For November 1, 2012:




  • LindaRya 9 years ago

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    Andy Johson cracks me up! He is like PEEWEE Herman of the reading Workshop! Liked the video.

  • ChristyTid 9 years ago

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    I have been on, but I sent an email instead of using the Blog. Blogs intimidate me:).

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