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The Book Thief

THE BOOK THIEFby Markus Zusak

Summary By her brother's graveside, Liesel Meminger steals her first book, "The Grave Digger's handbook." Liesel is taken to a town called Molching to meet Rosa and Hans Hubermann. She is cautious and weary of her new family. By Hans teaching Liesel the alphabet, she comes to like him and learns to read her book. Rudy, a nieghbor, becomes Liesel's best friend who imitaes Jesse Owens. The Hubermann's hide a Jew in thier basement named Max Vandenburg who Liesel befriends. When Max becomes ill Liesel steals books from Ilsa Hermann, the mayor's wife, and Nazi book burnings. These books are read to Max while he is sick. One night Liesel falls asleep in the basement while her parents sleep up stairs. That night her town is accidentally bombed and Liesel loses her family and friends. Ilsa Hermann invites Liesel to live with her knowing she has lost everything. Max and Liesel have a happy reunion after he survives Dachau and the Holocaust. Death, the narrator of the story, ends the book by telling how Liesel lives out the rest of her life.

Conflict Liesel is an orphan girl with no home and no family. She experiences hard times during the war. She cannot read and is ridiculed. ThemeWar, suffering, and courage. Takes place during World War 2. Hitler places non-Germans in concentration camps. People suffer throughout the war. It causes some people to hide from Hitler.

CharactersLiesel Meminger: Main character, orphan and facinated with wordsRosa Hubermann: Liesel's foster parent married to Hans and does laundry for the mayor and wifeHans Hubermann: foster parent married to Rosa, called a jew lover, plays accordionRudy Steiner: Liesel's best friend/neighbor, in love with LieselIlsa Hermann: mayor's wife, allows Liesel to steal books, looks after Liesel when her town is bombedMax Vandenburg: Jew that hides from Nazis in Hubermann's basementDeath: narator, facinated by humans.

Quote "I saw the book thief three times" said Death pg.5. Liesel was observed by Death three times. It described three colors each time. White for the snow covered earth when her brother died on the train. Red for an airplane crash and black when Liesel's town was bombed. These are the colors of the Nazi flag.Recommendation I highly recommend this book. It expresses and goes into detail on what it was like during the war in Molching, Germany, 1940s. It also shows how desperate people were to hide from Hitler.


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