The Book Thief

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The Book Thief

The Book Thief


Main character: Liesel Meminger. Standing at her brother’s grave see something sticking out of the snow, a book. That was her first act of thievery stealing the grave diggers hand book. Liesel is an 11 year old girl who has a sick past; she is broken with no family. She is left in Germany with her foster parents and her love of stealing books, she did not want to start stealing but temptation is the devils best friend she has one friend that lives right next door. She cannot read but is willing to learn with the help of her foster father, but still has her trust issues but wouldn’t you if everybody you loved left?Other important characters: Rudy Steiner the boy next door he has a family who is poor with six brothers he has no experience what so ever with stealing but is known as the imposter with the disgust of everybody. When Liesel Moves he is quite happy to make a friend. Neither did he know that his best friend is a criminal and that he would become one. Other important characters: Hans Huberman is Liesel’s foster father he is a piano player also an artist. For a living he sells cigarettes he does not have that much education except for passing the fourth grade. With little education he still finds himself helping Liesel read the grave diggers hand book at three o’clock in the morning he will stay with her when she has her nightmares every night he is always there for her.Other important characters: Rosa Huberman the wife of Hans Huberman. Her employment is washing and ironing of the wealthy she does not have that much education just like her husband although she only passed the third grade. She usually isn’t the nicest person with her usual nagging orders her usual abusive ways towards Liesel she claims to still love as her own children although she already has two of her own while they decide to live somewhere else. With her ways of not a good parent she will still protect Liesel.Other important characters: Max Vanderburg is a Jew during that time he was not welcome, he was not liked by the Germans. He was supposed to go to a concentration camp but Hans Huberman brought him in and hid him. He was not always the quite one he used to be a fist fighter he did not like that he was always getting beat up but it helped him with his pain of being alone his family left him too. When he met Hans Huberman he knew he could trust him and that he would keep him safe during the time of war and when he is wanted.


It all started when he brother died in her arms, and she is standing by her brothers grave when she finds something black hidden in the snow. The grave digger’s handbook. Her first act of thievery. Why would she care, nobody cares for her with her dad already dead and her mother just left her with no explanation of why she needed to leave her at her ‘new’ parents’ house. The Huberman’s. With everything has happened she accepts the life of thievery. When she finally starts reading with help of her foster father she falls in love with reading and words and finds her self-stealing again but from all the wrong people. She should have learned when she almost got caught from stealing from the mayors wife but and the Nazi book-burning or wherever books are in her reach. But it is dangerous times and acts of war. What happens when her foster father brings in a Jew into hiding her world that she came to know to be turned around? But it’s her choice if it’s for the better or the worst.

Personal Opinion

Yes I like my book that I have chosen for my book report.One of the things that I liked about this book is the narration. The narrator of the book is death. He carries the souls that are lost and need to leave the world and during World War 2 he is quite important for all the lives that got stolen. He narrates the life of Liesel life for some reason he keeps an eye on her, but is ruthless for taking all the people she loves. Also a thing that I liked about my words is the authors writing, he makes death sound harmless and won’t hurt you except the people around you, Markus Zusak writes with delicacy but can make something sound so hard he makes ostensibly gloomy subject bearable. Markus Zusak is also blunt in a way that you will never forget. Yes I would recommend this book because it is incredibly written and has some meaning to it, the story is amazing and could change the way you look at the second world war. While I was reading the book thief some of thoughts that were in my head was that how is he going to end a book in a way that someone is going through something so terrible. How is the main character going to keep going in life when death is on her side? Is some of the characters that play an important role in the book going to live? Where did Markus Zusak get the inspiration to write such a depressing story. Some of the inferences I made throughout the book is that what would it be like to live during the times of the second world war and how would that have an effect on my life for example would some of my family members have to go to war. Another inference is that what would happen if I lived during that time and was hiding a Jew, what would be the emotions I would be feeling.


What the reader is supposed to learn is about beauty and brutality. Also that were constantly underestimating the human race in beautiful ways and dark ways. That we are simply estimating it. How life is glorious in some states and cruel others and everyone is the same in one, that we all have beauty and darkness in our lives and that life isn’t fair to nobody. During World War 2 that those times were mostly dark because a lot of people lost a family member a friend they thought that it was the end and the world would remain evil and sick but people brought it back into the light and beauty.

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