The book thief

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The book thief

The Book Theif is a book narrated by Death and is about a young girl named Leisel Meminger. She was taken in by the Hubermans, Hans and Rosa, after she was put up for adoption by her mother. She stole her first book after her brothers death. It was called, "The Grave Digger's Handbook." This was the begining of her book stealing career. She didn't know how to read, but she was still fasinated by books. Once she learned to read she just had to steal more. She bonded with another trouble-maker named Rudy. They were best friends for a long time. After living with the Hubermans a while, a jewish man came to their house. His name was Max. Max hid from Nazis at the Hubermans basement for years and had made a good friendship with Leisel. When he was well emough, he eventually left and didn't see them for a long time. Apart from Rudy and Max, Leisel had been friends with the mayors wife too. She let Leisel borrow books from her library. Since the war was getting rough, air raids happpened quite often. Sadly, one night on Himmel street, there was a bombing. The sirens never went off, so it left most people dead, except for Leisel Meminger who had been fallen alseep in the basement writing a book Max gave her. Because her family was dead, she lived with the mayor and his wife. Since Rudy was dead too, Leisel made friends with his father and worked at his shop time to time. A few years later, Max was freed from the Nazis and was reunited with Liesel again. Leisel lived to an old age and enjoyed her life in Sydney, Australia. In the end, she was able to meet Death who had read her book, The Book Theif.

The story takes place in Molching, a town near the edge of Munich, a German city that was very popular. It takes place during WWII (1939-1945)


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Character #1 Leisel Meminger- a young girl that has a strong love for booksCharacter #2 Death- Death is death and he narrates the book, as well as talk about himself.

Character Analysis

Conflict-All of the characters are struggling to survive the war. Leisel and her friend Rudy go through a lot and try hard to live a somewhat normal childhood. Max, the jew, is trying to keep the Germans from killing him.

Resolution-After her family's death, Leisel lives with the mayor and his wife, Ilsa Herrmann, which she had already made friends with. She also visited Rudy's father a lot. One day when Max was freed, he finaly saw Leisel after all the years he was held captive. Leisel lived to be a old age.

Climax-The bombing on Himmel Street and Leisel finds out that most people are dead except her.

The Book Thief

Themes-Family Matters; forgivness; People sacrifice for each other in hard times

1. World War 11 took place in 1939-19452. It was the deadliest war in History, involving more than 50 million millitary and civillian deaths3. Hitler started the war. He was one of the most powerful and infamous dictators of the 20th century4. In 1942 the U.S. partners with Australia to go against Japan5. There were about 2,000 jews killed

Point of View-First Person


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