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The Book Thief

The Book ThiefBy:Marcus Zusak

About The CharactersLiesel- She is the main character. She is very brave and kind. She is also very outgoing. She is open to new oppertunities.Rudy- He is Liesel's best friend. He is very spunky and mischievious. Hans Hubermann- He is Liesel's foster father. He is very caring, kind, and generous. Whenever he has the chance to help someone, he will. Rosa Hubermann- She is Liesel's foster mother. She loves Liesel, but just shows it in a strange way. .....

About The BookIn this book, the main character, Liesel, has to move in with the Hubermanns. They are her foster family. Her real mother could no longer take care of her two children, Liesel and Werner. Unfortanatly, Werner dies on the train ride to meet the Hubermanns. At Werner's funeral, she steals, "The Gravedigger's Handbook," this is only the beginning of her frenzy of book thievery. When she meets the Hubermanns, she is pretty shy, but she soons opens up. They quickly become a loving family. After a while, the Hubermanns decide to hide a Jew, Max Vanderburg, which is extremley dangerous, since it is World War II, in Nazi Germany. Meeting Max turns Liesel's life upside down.

Glog by:Greta McIntire

Rudy Stiener, Liesel'sbest friend

Here are two differentcopies of, "The Book Thief."

Here is the Hubermanns with Liesel.

Here is the preview for the movie.


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