The Book Thief, Hero's Journey

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The Book Thief, Hero's Journey

The Book ThiefHero's Journeyby Allison Parten

The OrdealIf Molching serves as the "central space in the Special World", then I think that the scene where she is ripping apart the book in Ilsa's library symbolizes her confrontation with her greatest fear, all of the bad things that have happened in her life and to the people in her life. This results in Liesel's "new life" because she writes down all of the things that have happened in her life into a book.

The ResurrectionIn the beginning of the book Liesel can't even read, but later in the story, books become her main source of comfort. At the end of the story, the book that she is writing literally saves her life. Here is a quote to show why I think this, "The book was divided into ten parts, all of which were given te title of books or stories and described how each affected her life." (page 528). This quote shows how all she went through in her life she has finally come to peace with.

Refusal of the CallI lived in Germany from 2007-2010, and one year my family and I went to a place called Garmisch to go skiing. I was only seven years old at the time, and it was my first time skiing. When we got to the ski resort, we decided to go skiing right away. We got to the ski lifts, and suddenly my heart stopped. I hadn't thought about how we were going to get up the mountain. I was so terrified of going onto the ski lift that my face turned white, and I started to feel sick. I fell back onto a pile of snow, and started seeing spots. But my family was at my side right away, and my mom told me that I wouldn't have to go up on the ski lifts. This is an example of a time in which I faced a challenge and decided not to partake in it.

Tests, Allies, and EnemiesI believe that Death's primary role in the novel is an ally. I don't think that it is an enemy because it isn't a bad thing - it's just doing it's job. It is not being evil in any way, it is just doing what it's supposed to do, which is collecting dead bodies. It wasn't responsible for the deaths of all of the people. Another reason why I believe that Death is an ally is because in the book it describes what Death is wearing so that means that it must be some type of physical thing that can wear clothes and think for itself. The whole book is narrated by Death, and it has lots of comments and opinions that Death tells the reader, which is why I think that Death can think for itself. Death also says that it would like to help Liesel in some way, which just shows how much of an ally death is.

Meeting with the Mentor"Let's start from scratch."

Return with the ElixerA life changing event that has happened in my life is moving to Colorado. I moved here from Singapore, and before that, I lived in Germany. Living in those amazing places has really chnged me as a person and has made me into who I am today. When I moved to Colorado, I found that things were very different than anywhere I have lived before. First of all, and I think the biggest, most challenging thing about living here, I feel different from everyone else. I grew up in a different culture than them so I do things differently than everyone. But that's okay because it has helped me learn to accept the things that are unique about everybody and realize that it is alright to be different.

Call to AdventureI chose this song because it represents Liesel's call to adventure because it is about how someone used to be weak and powerless, but then they took the risk of fighting off monsters and got stronger (positive outcome from taking a risk). This song applies to Liesel'd call to adventure because she started out scared and nothing in a new, strange place but then she learned to read and found power and a voice from books.

The Ordinary WorldAt the beginning of this book, Liesel is on a train when her six year old brother dies, and she is forced to live with foster parents. She feels "uneasy, uncomfortable , and unaware", because she has lost her family and now has to go live with some strangers she's never met. This would make the reader identify with her plight because some people might be able to relate to this situation if they have lost a loved one or have been in foster care.


Crossing the Threshold

This is a picture of Liesel following Rosa and Hans to her new home

The RewardLiesel is in her basement when her whole neighborhood is bombed and destroyed, but she survived when no one else did - this is when she faced death but won, meaning that she won her "treasure" (which is her life). But there will come a time when she loses the "treasure" again, because everyone dies at some point.

The Road BackThis is a quote from the book "Makeup: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Succes - Online and Off" by Michelle Phan. It tells about a life-changing event that happens to her. "So when the president said, "We'd like you to have your own makeup line," I stared at him in disbelief. This was my dream come true, but had he really just said those words?The makeup line he was propsing wouldn't be part of Lancome. It would be a new brand, created from scratch, under the umbrella of L'Oreal, the biggest beauty company in the world. So many thoughts flooded my head and I was excited, eager, and anxious all at once. I felt like Cinderella when her fairy godmother appeared and turned the pumpkin into a gilded carriage."


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