The Book Thief By: Markus Zusak

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The Book Thief By: Markus Zusak

Character Analysis:Death: narrator, often interupts himself in reaction to the narrative, dark sense of humor, shows remorse for collecting so many soulsLiesel: protagonist, goes from hating to loving her family, has strong moral code and enforces endangering yourselfHans: Liesel's foster father, patient and kind, trustworthy, gentleRosa: Liesel's foster mother, starts off cold hearted and impatient but ends off showing her kind sideMax: Jewish, secretly staying in the Hubermann's basement, has a deep understanding for LieselRudy: Liesel's bestfriend, he is in love with her,very protective torwards her, tries to be very helpful torwards othersIlsa: mayor's wife, starts off hurt by her son's death she can barely function but after meeting Liesel begins to open up

The Book Thief

By: Markus Zusak


- Lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and daughter- New Tork Times #1 Best Seller- Also wrote Fighting Ruben, Wolfe, Getting the Girl and I am the Messenger.

About the Author:

Key Point #1Leisel's brother dies on the way to their foster home. She is forced to deal with that loss as she loses her birth mother and is administered to her foster parents.

Key Point #2Hans, Liesel's foster father, teaches her how to read and the undeniable value behind words.

Key Point #3Max Vandenburg arrived at the Hubermann household after difficult times. In search of a place to hide out because he was Jewish.

Markus Zusak has not really written "Harry Potter and the Holocaust." It just feels that way. "The Book Thief" is perched on the cusp between grown-up and young-adult fiction, and it is loaded with librarian appeal. It deplores human misery. It celebrates the power of language. It may encourage adolescents to read. It has an element of the fanciful. And it's a book that bestows a self-congratulatory glow upon anyone willing to grapple with it

The New York Times Book Review



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