[2015] Gabriele Garofoli: The Book Thief

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[2015] Gabriele Garofoli: The Book Thief

"The whip continued from the soldier's hand. It landed on Max's face. It clipped his chin and carved his throat. Max hit the ground and the soldier now turned to the girl" (Zusak, 513).

The BookThief By: Markus Zusak

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"A star of the colour of mustard was smeared to the door. In slopping lettering, the words Jewish filth were spilling over the edges" (Zusak, 181).

Note-taking: a How to GuideNote-taking is a good reading strategy because it allows the reader to collect information about the novel. It also helps the reader to better understand the story line. Here are four useful note-taking strategies when reading a novel.1. Record the plot and setting of the book found in the first chapter2. Form a list of main points for every chapter in the book3. Record important quotes that help to describe the characters, themes, conflicts symbols or motifs4. Create a character sketch for every character using personality traits and linking them to examples found in the novel

Setting of book: Molching, a German town near Munich, Germany.

"We put an end to the disease that has been spread through Germany for the last twenty years, if not more! The immoral! Die Juden-the Jews!" (Zusak, 110).

A concept map is a useful tool that can be used to organize a research topic using headings and subheadings. It helps the reader to better understand a topic. Research is a useful reading strategy that helps the readers understand and learn the historical facts and themes outlined in a novel.

Example of Concept Map

Liesel Meminger is a young German orphan who lives with her foster parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann in Molching, Germany in 1938. She is known as the book thief since she steals books in order to learn how to read. A jewish man named Max secretly lives in their basement during the time of World War II when anti-seminism was prevalent.


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