[2015] Trinity Hogan: The Book Thief

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[2015] Trinity Hogan: The Book Thief

Awards-National Jewish Book Award for Childern's and Young Adult Literature-Book Sense Book of the year Award for Childern's Literature

About The AuthorMarkus Zusak was born in Sydney, Australia to a German Mother and a Australian Father, both whom experienced World War 2. As an author for yound adult fiction has Five books out, inculding the Book Thief. The Book Thief is very different than his other books and was inspired by the stories his mother and father told when he was little.

Summary Death then begins the story. Liesel, her mother, and her brother Werner are traveling on a train to Munich when Werner suddenly dies. Liesel and her mother get off the train to bury the body. She and her mother continue their journey to a town called Molching, where Liesel will be raised by foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann. At first Liesel doesn’t like her foster parents, but Hans wins her over by teaching her to roll cigarettes for him. Liesel begins delivering laundry for Rosa. One of Rosa’s customers is the mayor’s wife, Ilsa Hermann. One day Liesel is invited into Ilsa Hermann’s study, where she marvels at the walls of books. Frau Hermann allows her to read in the study. Meanwhile, in Stuttgart, a German Jew named Max hides in a closet with no food, light, or water. A friend brings him false identity papers and a map hidden in MKPF, Hitler’s autobiography. Max leaves the closet and takes the train to the Hubermanns’ house. Hans, we learn, served with Max’s father in World War I. After Max’s father died, Hans promised Max’s mother he would always help her. When Max arrives in Molching, Hans and Rosa hide him in the basement. As he recovers from his ordeal, he and Liesel become friends, and Max writes her a book on the painted-over pages of MKPF.

The Book ThiefBy: Markus Zusak

The first book that Liesel stole was The Gravedigger's Handbook she found this book when she was at her brother's funeral when the gravedigger dropped it into the snow.

" I am Haunted by Humans"- Death

Liesel is nine years old, almost ten, at the start of the novel. She is about fifteen toward the end of the novel when the bombs destroy her home and kill her loved ones.

" when life robs you, sometimes you have to rob it back" - Liesel Meminger

when Death met Liesel for the first time his 'life' propably changed because he was intriged by her and how she stole the first book.


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