The book of the unknown Americans

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The book of the unknown Americans

Author: Cristina Henriquez

Title: The Book of Unknown Americans

Similie"Feeling homesickness charge at me like a roaring wave, filling my nostrils and ears, threatening to knock me down" (Pg 33)Henriquez begins her book by comparing Alma's homesickness to a wave. This simile helps the writer achieve her purpose by demonstrating that Latinos who come to the United States with the dream of great opportunities and resources. Alma feels homesick in the United States, and feels like the "wave" knocks her down. She feels like she cant handle being in the U,S. anymore, but the only thing holding her back from returning to Mexico is her daughter Maribel, which is the reason why they came to the U.S., for her to get the adequate help to fight against her brain damage, where in Mexico they couldn't find the resources to help her.

CharactersMaribel Rivera: Fifteen-year-old who suffered from a brain injury in an accident in MexicoMayor Toro: Maribel's neighbor whose family is from Panama, he falls in love with Maribel

Literature Book #4

Metaphor "He probably could've asked for a few days of vacation time, but even after years of being there he could be replaced in a heartbeat. He didn't want to risk it" (Pg. 79)Henrqiuez uses metaphor to demonstrate how people who work in low wage jobs are at risk of being replaced fast. This metaphor helps the writer achieve her purpose by showing that Latinos who come to the United States come with the dream of great opportunities and resources. The Toro's family has been long awaiting of taking a trip to their country, Panama, but the dad does not want to go to Panama because he doesnt want to risk losing his job. This metaphor helps to demonstrate the author's purpoose by comparing how the dad could lose his job like a "heartbeat", in other words, very fast. People from Latin and Central America come to the United States with the dream of opportunities, and although the dad is given the opportunity to work at a restaurant in a low paid job, he is required to be commited and not take days off because he might come back and not have his job anymore. Panama might not have a systems of a minimum wage and that is why they came to the U.S., to be secure, and in this case, to have your job secure if you're Latino and with a minimum wage job in the U.S. you cant miss work.

Details-Arturo (Maribel's Dad) becomes depressed after losing his job-The River's visas get revolked-They stay in the country illegaly. -Maribel and Mayor are prohibited from seeing each other because they were seen doing unappropiate things in Mayor's car-Mayor and Maribel left to the beach, and when they come back Maribel's dad had been shot and killed-Maribel and her mom had to go back to Mexico

Details-While Maribel was helping her dad at his construction site, she got injured and she was not the same person anymore. -The Rivera's went to the U.S. to help Maribel-Maribel's Dad loses his job as a mushroom picker to an undocumented person.-Maribel's Dad was proud of having a Visa and doing things the right way.


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