The Book of Romans

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The Book of Romans

The first verse of the book is From Paul, a servant of christ Jesus and an apostle chosen and called by God to preach his good news Ro 1:1.The last verse of the book is To the only god, who alone is wise, be glory through Jesus christ for ever Amen. Ro 16:27

In chapters 1-8, Paul explains the fundamentals and foudations of the Christian faith.The gospel message, which all belivers are commanded to share with the entire world.In the first copule chapters of Romans it talk about the precious memorization passages about slavation.Paul teaches about the sinful nature of all men in the eyes of God, justifaction by faith in Jesus Christ, freedom from sin and he also teaches them the Law of God and the power of Gods sprit in belivers lives. 000000

There are 16 chapters in the book of romans.The main theme of the book of romans is the primary theme is through pauls letter to the romans is the revelation of gods righteousness in his plan for salvation.The type of book is a letter because it is pauls letter to the romans to prepare the way for a visit paul planned to make to the chruch at rome.This happened from 56 Ad to 57 Ad

The book of Romans

Paul was called by god to bring christianity.To the gentile world.Paul`s name was saul befoe becoming an apostle.He was from a jewish tribe called the Benjamin

Chapters and Themes

Biography of Paul

Important Verses

Summary of the sections

The first verse that speaks to me is we know that god is right when he judges the people who do such bad things Ro 2:2.Another verse is In the same way the men give up natural sexual relations with womans and burn with pasion for each other. Men do shemful things to each other, and as a result they bring upon themselves the punishment they deserve for their wrongdoring Ro 1:27.The last verse is So then let us stop judging one another.Instead you should decide never to do anything that would Make others stumble or fall into sin. Ro 14:13

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Verses that speak to me

This story relates to me because we all have to be right by god and ask for forgiveness for our sins. This relates to when I did pen pals which we had to write letters to other kids and learn about them and what they were like .

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