The Book of Life

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The Book of Life

Critical Concerns of MercyEarth, is one of the five critical concerns of Mercy. The belief of need for sustainability of life, supporting both a lifestyle and legislation that acknowledge everyone's right to water and the need to address climate change.

The loving relationship between Maria, Joaquin and Monolo is an example of the Mercy Sister's care to the Earth. The three friends stayed by each other's side till the end. The concern for Earth is in the hearts of the sisters till the end. Both the love of the characters and the love for Earth is eternal.

By: Darren Chan

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The Book of Life

Maria is asked to marry Joaquin so that San Angel will be safe from Chakal and his bandits. This is an example of Earth because General Posada believe that Maria marrying Joaquin is a need for sustainability of life. San Angel will fall in the hand of Chakal without the protection from Joaquin.

At the day of the dead, the remembered spirits comes back on Earth for one day. Their remembrance is needed for their sustainability to live in the Land of the Remembered. With out the sister's concerns for the Earth, the Earth can't go on. All the family members in The Book of Life, remembers the dead. Just like the the sisters spreading the acknowlegment of the Earth.

The three best friends.


Day of the Dead

La Muerte and Xibalba's interest in the Land of the Living and the three friends is like the interest the sisters has with Earth. They are both concerned about whats going on. The two god, always checking in to see who will win. The sisters never giving up on the Earth and the hope that everyone will know the issues happening.


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