[2015] Sky H (1st Pd. Spanish I 15-16): The Book of Life Movie Reflection

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[2015] Sky H (1st Pd. Spanish I 15-16): The Book of Life Movie Reflection

The Book of Life Movie Reflection

By: Sky Houston

The character Manolo, connects to the critical concern of Earth, because of his selflessness. Manolo agreed to letting Xibalba kill him, since he thought Maria died from being bitten by a snake. Later, he finds out that the god tricked him, in order for him to win his bet with La Muerte. Manolo then has to face the spirit of every bull that his family has ever killed, in order to go back to the Land of the Living, win back Maria, and defeat Chakal. Instead of killing the spirit, he apologized to it through song. He used his talent to preserve life instead of killing it. Back in the Land of the Living, Manolo sacrificed his life again, in order to prevent the city from getting blown up by Chakal. He wasn't willing to let several people get murdered, and for the livelihood of the people to be destroyed. All of its culture would have then been forgotten.



The character Maria connects with the critical concern, Earth, through her kindness. She was always willing to do what was right, for all of the residents of San Angel, including the animals. When her friend Manolo was about to finish a bull in a bullfight, she encouraged him not to kill it. More importantly, when the city was at risk of being attacked by the evil Chakal and his men, Maria made a sacrifice. Even though she loved Manolo, she accepted Joaquin's marriage proposal, so that he would stay in the city, and defend it from Chakal's army. She ultimately protected the Earth from being destroyed by Chakal, and she protected an innocent bull from being slaughtered for sport.

The character Joaquin connects with the critical concern of Earth, because of his bravery. During the final battle of the movie, between Chakal's army, and San Angel's army, Joaquin made the decision of giving Manolo the Medal of Everlasting Life, the medal that could have protected him. He knew that if he didn't give him the medal, then Manolo would die again, and he would be able to keep Maria as his wife. Though he also knew that if he did that, Chakal could have won the battle, destroyed the town, and Maria would never forgive him. He did the right thing by not trying to play hero for once, and saved the city from being pillaged or possibly burned down. He saved the land that his people needed so much.



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