[2015] Alexandra Major (2nd Pd. Spanish I 15-16): The Book of Life

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[2015] Alexandra Major (2nd Pd. Spanish I 15-16): The Book of Life

I believe this represents Earth because it shows the struggle of being a human. It is hard to try and to follow your dreams while you have to fit in with your environment and other humans. It also involves a bull which is a living thing on Earth that deserves respect and peace.

The Book of LifeBy Alexandra Major

This beautiful tree surrounded by candles is a common symbol people associate with Earth. It represents Earth because it is part of nature. We need to do our part to prevent global warming so every tree can look as magnificent as this one.



As you can image, it would be a memorable moment for any family member to meet their loved ones once again since their death. This symbolizes Earth because every human being eventually passes. This is a beautiful moment to remember their past lives and be joyful that they no longer have to suffer on Earth (even though Manolo has a second chance for another life; I shouldn't spoil the movie...).


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