The Book of Judith

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The Book of Judith

Book of Judith

- Number of Chapters: 16 - Type of Book: History- Time Frame: 586BC until the Roman occupation of Palestine in 63BC ( of the book: A woman of faith and courage, God's saving power.

JUDITH AND HER SLAVE RETURN TO BETHULIA:In this story, Judith had just cut off the head of Holofernes, and is returning back to Bethulia with her slave. Once Judith had returned, no one had thought that she would come back! This is because Holofernes is a deadly enemy, and can hurt anyone. Judith had taken a very risky step in her life, just to protect the people of Israel. Judith had fooled Holofernes with her beauty, which lead her to cutting off his head. After this outstanding win, Judith was exhausted, but still told everyone how she did this, and showed his head. While she did this she said, “ The Lord used a women to kill him... Although my beauty deceived him and brought him to his ruin. I was not defiled or disgraced; the Lord took care of me through out it all.” Jdt. 13:16. After Judith spoke, everyone in the city was utterly amazed. They bowed down and worshipped God, Praying together. Then, Uzziah praised Judith, and said that she remained faithful to him (God) and did not hesitate to risk her own life for her own people.

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First Verse: The war between Nebuchadnezzar and Arphaxad Jdt. 1:1While King Nebuchadnezzar was ruling over the Assyrians from his capitol city of Nineveh, King Arphaxad ruled over the Medes from his capitol city of Ecbatana.Jdt. 1:1Last Verse: Judiths Fame Jdt. 16:25As long as Judith lived, and for many years after her death, no one dared to threaten the people of Israel.Jdt. 16:25

The mountains and the seas tremble, and rocks melt like wax when you come near. But there is mercy for all who obey you. Jdt. 16:15"She must be the wisest and most beautiful woman in the world," they commented to each other. Jdt. 11:21We are better off as prisoners of war. They will make us slaves, but at least we will be alive, and we won't have to watch our wives and children dying before our eyes. Jdt. 7:27

I chose this book becuase it shows a great deal of bravery, faith and courage. Judith only cared about protecting her peoples’ lives, not even her own. That takes a lot of courage to do, and especially when she cut of the head of the enemy. This story teaches us that as long as you have faith in God, you can do anything.


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