The Book of Genesis

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The Book of Genesis

The Book of Genesis

This story relates to my own personal life because I know how hard easy it is to be convinced to do the bad thing, example cheat on a test or lie to someone. In my experience i remember last christmas eve, my cousin convinced me to go with him and find our christmas presents that were in my parents closet. i refused but in the end I got convinced and we went looking for the presents. However, my mom caught us and we got in trouble. Our punishments was that we were not to get our presents until the day after christmas.This relates to the Genesis story because Eve was convinced by the snake and Adam was convinced by Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, where as i was convinced by my cousin to look at the presents. Both actions were actions that you were specifically told not to do. this teaches me that it's so easy to do the wrong thing and so hard to do the right thing.

The story i chose from the book Genesis is chapter 3, which is explaining how Adam and Eve chose to sin and their punishment for their actions. One day, Eve was walking in the Garden of Eden when the snake appeared to her and convinced her to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge which God specifically told them not to eat from however she did it anyway. Later, she went to Adam and convinced him to eat the fruit also. After that, they soon realized that they were naked so they covered themselves in leaves. When God found out that they realized they were naked, he realized they ate from the tree. and he punished them both, along with the snake. He sent them down to Earth each with their own punishment. More work for Adam, more pain for Eve in pregnancy, and he removed the snakes arms and legs so he'd have to slither on his stomach.

How the story relates to me

There are 50 chapters in the book of genesis.The type of book Genesis is Law.The time frame that the book genisis describes is from the 15th century B.C.

About the Book

First Verse; ``I will bless all who bless you, But i will curse those who curse you. And through you i will bless all nations`` Gn 12:3``Then he blessed Joseph: ``May God, whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac served, bless these boys! May God, who has led me to this very day, bless them!`` Gn 48:15``If you had done the right thing, you would be smiling;but because you have done such evil, sin is crouching at your door. it wants to rule you, but you must overcome it.``Gn 4:7

First Verse: "In the beginning, god created the universe." Gn 1:1Last Verse: “So Joseph does in egypt at the age of hundred and ten. they embalmed his body and put it in a coffin” Gn 50:26


The theme of the book Genesis is based on: the creation of humanity, the early history of human culture, and the inevitability of death are all explored in Genesis, as well as in the Babylonian story of Atrahasis and the Epic of Gilgamesh. Theme is the story of the begening.


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Story of Sin

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