The Book of Ezekiel

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The Book of Ezekiel

The book of EZEKIEL

The theme: FaithThe theme of this book is hope in restoring Jeursalem to it's former glory. So, in broad terms to describe the theme, the book of Ezekiel is about faith. Faith in God to restore the former temples and monuments. To have honor and law again. This is described in Ezekiel's vision of a temple being restored, along with the nation of Jeursalem itself. Therefore, the theme of Ezekiel, is about believing the future will be good, having faith that it will benefit you.

1. Ez. 47:9- "Wherever the stream flows, there will be all kinds of animals and fish. The stream will make the water of the dead sea fresh, and wherever it flows, it will bring life." This one of my favourite lines because Ezekiel does not feature wars, or songs, or people going around curing diseases.This book renews life, the stream repersents God, who is fresh, and brings life to everything around him. Ezekiel is not only helping a certain individual or a few, he's helping thousands, and that's something I dream to be, to help others around me, in a large amount. 2. Ez. 43:2- "and there I saw coming from the east a dazzling light of the presence of the God of Isreal. God's voice sounded like the roar of the sea, and the earth shone with the dazzling light." In this line, God isn't portrayed as someone scary, for example, when Moses recieves the 10 commandments, and there is lightning and fire. God is portrayed as a legendary being, almost majestic. 3. Ez. 28:26- "They will live there in safety. They will build houses, and plant vineyards. I will punish all their neighbours who treated them with scorn, and Isreal will be secure. Then they will know that I am the LORD their God." This line brings God back to his power, similar to after the flood, when all the people loved him. God who destyroyed the city, is rebuilding it, leading way to new life.

The first verse: "On the fifth day of the fourth month of the thirtieth year, I Ezekiel the priest, son of Buzi, was living with the Jewish exiles by the Chebar River in Babylonia. The sky opened, and I saw a vision of god. "The last verse: The total length of the wall on all four sides of the city is 10,080 yards. The name of the city from now on will be "The-LORD-Is-Here!"

3 Favourite verses


Summary: Story: Individual ResponsibilityWhat it's about: God is talking to Ezekiel about killing a man because of the sins of his father. God says that even if the father commited many sins, eg. committed adultery, worshipped idols, and etc., his son should not be killed. If the son follows all of god's rules, and is true to his faith, then there is no need to prosecute him. God explains that people die because of the evil they commit. Even if they were righteous in the start, and commited sins, later on it is still unacceptable, and they must die.

My Experiences:My experience of the story I summarized comes from a real life situation that happened in a time frame around grade 7-8. I was one of the captains of a team for gym. I had the first pick, and there were about 30 people I could pick. I wanted to pick my friends really badly, but there was also the demand for the super jocks that were in my class as well. I didn't know who to pick, if I picked my friends, my team would automatically lose, if I picked the jocks, my friends would hate me. So I didn't really know who to pick. My friend Kavin, was very athletic, but didn't listen to the rules, he was the unruly type of kid. And my friend Joseph was the opposite of Kavin, so I didn't know what to do. In the story, I picked, a man who listens to God, (in this case a man who listens to the rules) was considered good and truthful, on the other hand a man who didn't listen to God (in this case the rules) was considered evil and sinful. I decided that someone who is willing to learn the rules, can learn the game, and play it well, but someone who is arrogant, blocks out all learning opportunities. (This relates to the story because, anyone who believes in God will be truthful and loyal, anyone who blocks him out is sinful and siining themselves, others and God.) I decided on Joseph, he who was truthful and good, and despite the odds we won the game.

Simple InfoChapters: 48Type of book: Prophecy This book is a prophecy, since Ezekiel is a phrophet, a phrophet is a visionary that speaks in the name of God, and God speaks through him/her to get a message through. Ezekiel is basically someone who wants to restore Isreal to it's former glory, and predicts that will happen, and happiness will reign through out the land. Time Frame: The past, (Old Testament), during and after the fall of Jeursalem. Ezekiel's book is depicted in the Old Testament, which is before Christ was born. He lived in exile at Babylonia, before and after the fall of Jeursalem, (which was about 586 B.C.) Ezekiel is carrying out good deeds, and follows in the 10 commandments, therefore he must have lived after Moses and the Jews escaped Egypt. But, in the time where he lived, the Jews were commiting sin, which then leads to the theory that he lived a significant amount of time after Moses, because the Jews were very humble, and commited no sins after the escape of Egypt, and became more corrupted and sinful as time gradually continued on.


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