The Bond Of Love

by Christal98
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Language Arts

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The Bond Of Love

The Bond of Love” is a story of emotional bonding between a woman and a bear. The author’s wife had pet bear called Bruno. She loved him deeply. She put a colored ribbon around his neck. She cooked a variety of dishes for him. He also performed many playful tricks which give pleasure to her. They enjoyed each other’s company. When bear grew big, he was dangerous for the children in the house. Author decided to send him to the zoo. His departure was very painful for the author’s wife. Finally she asked her husband to visit Baba in the zoo. They both felt relieved on meeting. They spend many hours together. So we can say “Love is Mutual’.

The Bond Of Love

By Kenneth Anderson

The bear, Bruno, was very dear to the author’s wife. They spent many hours together and love each others company. But when he had grown very big and heavy, he was dangerous. He was very playful and mischievous. There were small children of the tenants’ family. So they had to chain him most of the time. The author felt that he was depriving Bruno of his natural freedom. So he decided to send him to a zoo. But his wife could not bear his separation. The author consoled her for three months, but at last he took her to the zoo. On seeing her Baba howled with happiness. They spend many hours together. She wanted to take him back to home. She requested the superintendent who allowed her.

Bruno's Fate



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