The Boggart

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The Boggart

The Boggart

Susan Cooper

genre fantasy


Castles Keep

Page 8 "But once in a great while he remembered that he had felt pain, a terible ache in his heart, and he swore he would never let himself feel love for a human again." -The Boggart

CONFLICTThe Boggart is always palying tricks on Emily and Jessup while They try to put up with the Boggarts silly tricks they also relise that he misses sweden and they despertly try to find a way to send him back. RESOLUTION

Back to Sweden

I choose little ghost by the White Stripesbecause it talks about a friendly playful ghost wich in some was resembles the Boggart.


point of viewthird perosn

protagonist the Boggart

page 3 "For an instant he heard a thread of laugh, from the thing in the boat that he could not see. A thing that had lived in Castle Keep for all centuries of the MacDevon clan, and longer." -Tommy

themeTo belive all things no matter how small or if you can see the at all.

Resolution The boggart get traps in Jessup's cumputer game. Jessup converts the boggart into a CD. They sent the CD to Tommy Emily and Jessup's friend in sweden. The Boggart shoots out of the cumputer in a blue flame. And returns to play tricks on another family in Castle Keep.

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