The Blue Diamond

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The Blue Diamond

The Blue Diamond

Sherlock Holmes lives in Baker street in London with his housekeeper, Mrs Hudson. He is tall and thin, he can look very different when he wants, he wears a hat and coat when it's cold and he smokeWatson was Sherlock Holmes' best friendJames Ryder was Mrs Oakshott's brother and he was the assinstant manager at the cosmopolitan hotel

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


The story behind the robery of the countess of morcar's blue diamond in the Cosmopolitan Hotel was solvedby the famous detective Sherlock Holmes with his friend Dr Watson

How did the story end?

The story is about a MISTERY

Sherlock Holmes discovers that James Ryder, the assistant manager at the Cosmopolitan hotel stole the blue diamond


In my opinion the story is much better than The prince and the pauperPeterson is my favourite character from the story

Bautista Palmieri


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