[2014] Shae Baker (2020Class): The Blue Damselfly

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[2014] Shae Baker (2020Class): The Blue Damselfly

The Blue Damselfly

The Blue Damselfly is spotted with black resembling stripes. Adult females are much darker with larger areas of black and usually a green background color.

Damselflies can apear alarming to some people and their old English country name is 'horse stinger' and 'devil's darning needles' suggests that they were once feared. They don't have the compacity to sting.

Pause video at 26 seconds and go to 53 seconds

Habitat: Found around open lakes and ponds, along river and canal banks, and streams. Provided there is plenty of bank side vegetation.

Where: Ranges across most of the UK and they are only one of two species that can be founmd in both Europe and North America.

Eating: Particularly midges(groups of insects many small flies)and mosquitoes, butterflies, moths, bees, and smaller insects.

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