The blind side

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The blind side

Fom the strees to the field micheal had found his passion in football. He becmae the quaterback and he was one of the best players on his highschool team. He was soon noticed by NFL where he was able to play profecinal football in the big leagues.

At a young age Micheal had to help his other 13 sibblings and take care of his mother who was addicted to crack. He had to grow up fast in his invornment. He was mostly spending his time away from his family on the steets.

The Blind Sideby: Michael Lewis

Micheal Lewis



New family

He was taken off the streets by a rich white family. He was aproched by a woman named Leigh on the streets. She gave him a place to sleep and meals. he felt as if his life was finaly going in the right dricetion. He had made a bond with his new family. ven with all of his fame he remembers without his new family none of what he dose today would have been possible without them.

Becuase he had to take care of his sibblings and his mother he had no time for school. So when a new family had taken off the streets he had not know how to read, write, he also did not know his real name.


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