The Blackfoot Nation

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The Blackfoot Nation

Blackfoot Nation-The TribesThe Blackfoot Nation has 4 tribes in it. The tribes all have two names, they aretBlackfoot/Siksika, Blood/Kainai,Pikuni/Peigan,and North Peigan Pikuni tribes. They are mostly in the Northwest U.S. and in Canada after moving into the Great Lakes region.

The Blackfoot Nation

HistoryThe Blackfeet tribes was the most feared nation on the northern plains, because of their size and their fierce warriors. They inhabited part of the northernU.S. and southern Canada. Although they were so strong, like most native americans, they were massacered by the settlers and later the U.S. They were later relocated to all land north of the Missourri River as their reservation.

The Blackfeet were legendary buffalo hunters.

Creation StoryIn the beginning, there was a flood that filled the whole world except for the highest places. Old Man had been waiting on the highest mountain for the flood to die down. First, he sent an otter to retrieve some earth. The otter drowned and floated back up. He searched the otter's hands and found nothing in them. Next time, he sent beaver who also drowned with no dirt in his hands. Muskrat was sent with the same result. After muskrat, Old Man sent duck, who drowned but came up with earth in its hands. He put the dirt in the water three times until he dropped it. The above sent rain and everything grew on Earth once again.

GendersOne day, when Old Man and Old Woman were wandering the Earth, they met each other and decided the rights of the future Blackfoot Nation. Old Man said that he would get the first say in everything to which Old Woman would get second say. The Blackfoot woman were in charge of the butchering, curing, cooking, housing, moving the houses, and clothing. They were also medics. The men were warriors, hunters, and chiefs. Sometimes, they even got into fights defending their family. They both took part in art, storytelling, traditional medicine, and music.

HousingThe Blackfeet people lived in tipis (teepees) because they were easy to move and was built with animal hides. They followed the buffalo herds so that they always had something to hunt. The Blackfoot women dragged the posts of the house when they moved.


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