The Black Spider Monkey

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The Black Spider Monkey

The Black Spider Monkey



Human Impact

The Black Spider Monkey or Ateles Panicus is endangered because of loss of their homes.They are half a metre tall and they weigh about 7.7kg. They can live for up to 22 years of age.

The Black Spider Monkey's habitat is in the rainforest in Central and South America. They live the tree tops. The Black Spider Monkey spends most of their time swinging around in the trees.



The Black Spider Monkey's diet is made up of a lot of things for example birds eggs, insect lava, wood, bark and nuts which they find in the trees and on the ground.

The Black Spider Monkey has very sharp teeth, but their face looks very sad. They also have a long tail and big black eyes.

The Black Spider Monkeys have quite a lot of predators. Their predators are jaguars, pumas, ocelots, Harpy Eagles and humans. They are on the Red List because they are slow at reproducing. They are also hunted by humans and they are losing their habitat.

The Black Spider Monkey is illegally hunted by people for food. They also get killed by people because they spred maleria.

The Black Spider Monkey is an endangerd animal that lives is Central and South America. we need to work together to stop the Black Spider Monkey from becoming extinced

Video of Black Spider Monkey

Picture of Black Spider Monkey

Picture of Black Spider Monkey

Picture of Black Spider Monkey

Video of Black Spider Monkey

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