The Black Panther Party

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African-American History

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The Black Panther Party

WHO? The Black Panther Party (BPP) was a group founded by two men named Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. It consisted of over 2,000 people who dressed up all in black and would carry around large weapons, but promised they wouldn't hurt anyone. In 1967 to 1968, the group Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) merged with the BPP, but eventually disbanded from the BPP.

WHAT? The BPP was a group of African Americans who dressed up in black clothes and wore clothing like leather jackets and carried around large weapons. They were created to patrol the polices' treatment of African Americans in black neighborhoods.

WHEN/WHERE? October 1966, the BPP was founded in Oakland, California. Most of the group spread to areas in New York, into the city of Chicago, and into the city of Detroit. The group eventually disbanded during the early 1980s due to so many members dropping out.

WHY? The BPP was originally formed to patrol neighborhoods to monitor the polices' treatment of African Americans. Then, they created a document, stating that the group wanted all of the following for blacks: freedom, full employment, decent housing, truthful education, exempt from military service, an immediate end to the brutality and murder of the police, and a jury of blacks to trial blacks. Their last sentence was that they wanted all blacks to have land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice, peace, and a United Nations where blacks could only be part.

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The Black Panther Party

Some Black Panther Party members in uniform.

Bobby Seale (left) and Huey Newton (right).

Black Panther Party Symbol.

Oakland, CA:The origin of the Black Panther Party.


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