The Black Death

by JacksonMyer
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The Black Death

The Black Death

- one of the deadliest pandemics, betweem 1347 and 1351

There was no real motive for the black death, but the main cause of this large pandemic was from the major trade routes of Europe. As well as bacteria traveling through black rats, some believe it had to do with the bubonic plague. From rats, to fleas and then to humans, more and more became infected and eventually died. People affected were people with the infection and families and friends of those affected.

There were many major consequences of the black death. It killed between 75 and 200 million people, knowing that the disease spread across many countries and a few continents. Government instituted laws that prohibted fishing, exporting certain foods and set prices on certain foods. These factors lead to a decrease of labor, malnutrition, poverty, hunger and inflation. Finally, some Europeans even blamed the Black Death on the Jews and there many attacks upon Jewish communities.

The conditions for people in areas of the disease were horrific. It was known as a type of blood poisoning but it affected the lungs before anything else. A small swelling called a buboe was the first major sign in the groin, armpit and on the neck. Fever, cough, aching, nausea and vomiting were minor symptoms of the Black Death. Most died within four to seven days after being infected. This led to other cities becoming infected and through trade routes.

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