The Black Death

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The Black Death

The Black Death

Hook/Main Idea

Why is the Black Death considered to be 'Unfortunate Time Travel' for Europe and how have past reactions to theplague relate to present dayreactions to other viruses?

Well, think about it...The Black Death was a set back in time because, when a large group of people die everyone has to restart their society. People who had important jobs who have died need to be replaced. Having more people will sustain the culture and life itself.

How could a Virusbe so strong to wipe out so many people?

Technicalities ofThe Plague

Scientists have found that...It was caused by bites from fleas and rats and is classified as a bacteria spreader called Yersina pestis.

Tragedies from the Plague



Europe was ultimately setback. They had to learn how to heal everyone but most of the damage was already done. This devastation made doctors and nurses appear all over Europe and soon, the whole world.

The plague left many without parents, children, and many lifes were affected by the Black Death. Over 20 million died, if we were alive at that time, on way or another we would have been affected by it.'sns=em


Q ' A

Works Cited

Questions Where was the Black Death?Around what year did the Black Death enter China?Around how many people died because of this disease? How was the disease transmitted person to person?Around when did the disease begin to disappear?What animals caused the most spreading of the disease? Which area was affected the most out of the choices below?What was The Plague called while it was happening?What was the main symptom of the Bubonic Plague?What did people wear as what they though was protection?Answers1. Asia/Europe/China2 .13003. 1/3 of the population 4. Feas5. 1600’s 6. Rodents7. Europe8. The Great Mortality 9. Enlarged lymph nodes10. Bird masks


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