The Black Death

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European history

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The Black Death

The Black Death first struck in Italy in 1347. It then spread westward, towards France, Britain, and Spain. At the time, there was no modern science or medicine, so many people believed that they were being punished by God if they contracted the illness. There were many theories on the plague and how it started, such as it being penance from God or that the Jewish poisoned the wells, but ultimately, it was caused by a bacteria that was spread by rats.

1347-The Black Death arrives in Italy1348- The Black Death reaches Britain1349- The bubonic plague reaches Germany1350- The plague reaches Russia

The plague had a high mortality rate and sources claim that anywhere from 25% to 66.6% of people living in Europe died from the illness during the first three years of the illness.

Lasting Impact

How did the Black Death affect the European economy?


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The Black Deathby Hanna Duenkel

About the Black Death


After the Black Death, how was the church regarded by the population of Europe?

Why do you think that the theories about God punishing the people or that the Jews started the plague were created?


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