The Black Death

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The Black Death

The Black Death

The Black Death also known as The Black Plague was a dangerous contagious disease that killed 2/3 of Europe’s population, which was an approximately 75million people. This occurred during The Middle Ages in the 14th century.

In The Middle Ages nobody knew how the deadly plague originated. People thought that it was a punishment from god. Today we discover that fleas originated the disease. Soon enough, fleas lived on Black rats and this is what caused it to spread rapidly.

What is the Black Death?

How was the plague originated?

Symptoms of the Black Plague are:•Headaches•Fever•Heavy Vomiting•Purple patches •Buboes (black blood comes out when popped)•Muscle Spasm

What are the symptoms of the Black Death?

Today antibiotics treat the infections of The Black Plague. If it is left untreated 50% of those who are infected are most likely to die. The cure will reduce the death rate to 5%.

In 2011, Mexico health officials lately discovered and confirmed the first human case of The Black Death, which is also known as the Bubonic Plague. An anonymous 58-year old man was hospitalized from a high fever, swollen lymph nodes and pain in his abdomen. The test came out positive that he has the disease. Flea bites are the most common way to transmit the disease, in this case the doctor found a flea bite on his left leg.

How is it treated today?

Moderen Day Cases


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