The Black Cat

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The Black Cat

Black CatBy Kentaro Yubki



Rinslet Walker



Can shapeshift her body parts into weapons, was at one time a science experiment to kill and make a super soldier for the military. Destined to be a better sweeper than Train. Very smart for her age.

Is a thief for hire, is very brave, and just a little strumpet-like, espeacially around Sven.Adores Eve and won't stop hugging her.

The bad guy figure of the story, a little messed up in the head, really peverted, a little insane. Has a sword called "the imagine blade" because it is invisible and can change size and has three levels

Has a vision eye that can see into the future (later in the book called the grasper eye). Bold and takes every thing seriously, a master in weaponry.

AKA as the Black Cat, is very headstrong and a very laid back person. Can't really tske anything serious at all. The weird thing about him is that he has mood changing eyes like a cat.


This author uses indirect characteriz-ation because he showed the thoughts of the characters

This book is in a veiwers poin of veiw because it is a manga and it shows the characters and their dialog with no narrator

I made a connection with Eve because when I was very little people thought I was just a stupid little girl and I did not know anything but I was really smart and using big words that know thought I knew.I made a connection with this book and another book called One Piece when the pirate crew of this book was called Black Cats I thought that was really wierd. I also made a connection with Creed because I let the power of something that I owned and had it taken away from me.

I would reconment this book to anyone who loves action, romance and perverted bad guys with a short temper

Saya is the woman who helped Train when Train was hurt they fell in love but she was killed by Creed and here she is helping Train deffeat him


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    a couple of spelling mistakes but overall a good glog