The Birth of Stars

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The Birth of Stars

Earlier generations of stars projected massive amounts of high speed gas that compressed nearby gas coulds to form the bright blue region of stars. Those stars are triggering a new formation of compressed stars in the darker area of the photo below from the clouds above

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The Birth of Stars

Space may seem pretty empty, but its actually filled with a bunch of gas and dust spread all over the place, called the intersteller medium. In some places of outer space, those gas and dust particles come together to form dark as well as glowing intersteller clouds called nebule.When the gasses of the nebule become cold, gravity will begin to pull them together to form warmer bodies of clouds that will eventually become protostars, or objects that will become stars.

The Beginning

The Formation Process

Young stars are found in clouds of ga and dust from which they have been born. Nebula N44 is 170,000 light years from Earth in a nearby galaxy. Gas is excited to glow by hot, young stars, and dust is visible as dark, twisted clouds seen against the bright background gas

Nebula 44

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