The Bill of Rights

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The Bill of Rights

1st AmendmentGives the freedom of religion, spech, and the press.

The Bill of RightsBy: Sammie Turensky

The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments

2nd AmendmentRight to Beer Arms.

3rd AmendmentFreedom from having soldiers stay at your home.

4th AmendmentRight from privacy and from unlaw searches.

5th AmendmentRight to remain silent if you are accused of a crime.

6th AmendmentRight to speedy trial

7th AmendmentRight to a jury trial when two parties have a disagreement.

8th AmendmentFreedom from cruel and unfair punishment by a court of law.

9th AmendmentCitzens are granted rights that are not listed in the constitution.

10th AmendmentPowers not given to the United States goverment belong to the states or people.


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