[2015] GEORGE COUPLAND (Mrs B Year 5, Mrs B): The biggest wildfire in Australia

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[2015] GEORGE COUPLAND (Mrs B Year 5, Mrs B): The biggest wildfire in Australia


Introduction: Natural disasters can have catastrophic effects on the world's surface. As part of our work on natural disasters this term, I am researching the biggest wildfire ever recorded in Australian history, which is Black Saturday. This took place on 7 February 2009 in Victoria.

What is the biggest wildfire everrecorded in Australian history?

Conclusion:In conclusion I have learnt a lot about Black Saturday which I would never of learnt if had not of done this topic at school. The three most surprising facts that I learnt were:1. In some places the radiant heat produced in some places could kill people 400m away. 2. The estimated energy released in the fires were the equivalent of 1,500 Hiroshima atomic bombs. 3. Only one firefighter was killed when a burnt out tree fell on him.

Background Information:There where 173 deaths in total,destroyed around 2,100 homes destroyed and displaced 7,562 people. Over 450,000 hectares were burnt and the raidiant heat heat produced in some places were capable of killing people 400m away. 120 people were killed in a single fire alone in the Kinglake area.Due to high winds power lines fell in Kilmore East which sparked a bushfire that later would form extensive pyrocumulus clouds, and become the largest, deadliest and most intense firestorm ever recorded in post European history. Planes could not map the fire edge due to the smoke from Kilmore East firestorm.

The answer is:Black Saturday


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