The Big6 SMS

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The Big6 SMS

STEP 1Task Definition1 - Define the problem.2-Identify the information needed.Consider the 3 W's:What is my topic?What are the directions?What do I need to know?

Step 3Location and Access1 - Locate sources (in your mind and physically)2 - Find information within sources

Step 4Use of Information1 - Engage - Read it!!2 - Get relevant informationBe sure to:Take good notes and cite your sources.

Step 6Evaluation1 - Judge the product (effectiveness)2 - Judge the process (efficiency)Don't forget it is okay to ask lots of people around you for help with this step!

Step 2Information Seeking Strategies1 - Determine all possible sources (Brainstorm)2 - Select the best sources

Step 5Synthesis1 - Organize from multiple sources2 - Present the information Just put it all together!!


The “Big6™” is copyright (1987) Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz.


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