The Big George Washington

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The Big George Washington

Born February 11, 1731 in Westmoreland County, VirginiaHe had 6 Siblings that made it to maturity and 3 passed away before making it to adulthoodWashington was made 2nd in Command of Virginia Forces on May 28, 1754Washington Married Martha Washington in 1759He was made Commander in Chief on June 15, 1775Washington takes command of colonial forces resisting British forces in July 9, 1776Reading of Declaration of Independence on Dec 26, 1776Washington learns he was elected to be first American President April 30, 1789Reelection of the Second Term in Jan 5, 1794


George Washington was the first president of United States of AmericaLocate the Goverment in D.C.Lead a majority of TreatiesLayed groundwork the Goverment that we have todayCreated the Federal Judiciary

George Washington

Biography - Timeline

George Washington


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