[2015] Leonora Slot (7 Amalie, Methea,SilleETC): The big five

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[2015] Leonora Slot (7 Amalie, Methea,SilleETC): The big five

The Big Five

The buffaloA buffalo is native in Africa. The buffalo looks like a cow but with horns and they are dark grey or black. They looks a lot like bulls. Buffalo are often confused with bison. There are two types of buffalos. The african and the asian water buffalo. African buffalo is the only types of wild cattle found in Africa. The buffalo can weigh up to 850 kg. The buffalo has very ´big horns. The buffalo lives on grass. They are nearly always on the move and looking for fresh grass. Buffalos are capable swimmers and often cross deep water in search for better grass. You can find the buffalo in east and south Africa.

The lionThe lion called the king of beasts of its size because the lions power and its hunting skilll. The lion weighs up to 200 kg, and the lion can reach 50 km/h and it can jump ware high up tp 12 m. The lion look like a big cat. A lion sleeping almost all the day. The lion can live up to 10-14 years but they are live in the wild in about 10 years. The lions favorite dinner is zebra and buffalo. The lion get up to 1-6 cubs. There are 8 species but one of them is undead.

The leopardA leopard looks like a big cat. But it is also a part of felines. Leopards are really fast. They can run up to 58km/h. They are also very strong swimmers. The leopard can leep 3m up in the air. They mark their territories with urine and leave footprints on the trees to warn others to stay away. Females have mostly 2-3 cubs. The cubs suckle about 3 months and are kept hidden the first 8 weeks to protect them from predators. Leopards have dark spots that create beautiful patterns on their bright fur.

The elephantThe elephant is the biggest of wild animals on earth. Elephants have big ears and wide legs. There are two types of elephants. The asian elephant and the african elephant. The elephant is a mammals. About 100 elephants are being killed every day. Most of the elephant becomme 50-80 years old. Elephants can weigh up to 8 tons, and are up to 3m high and 6 m long. They mostly have 1 cub. The elephants eats grass, leaves and twings. Elephants can talk to each other over a distance up to 10 km. An elephant eat 140-170 kg each day.

The rhinoThe rhino has almost the same skin like the elephant. The rhino can be up to 3-4m length, and between 800-1400kg and with a highness 1,4-1,8m. There are about 11.000 white rhino but only 1.200 black rhinos. The rhino can live up to 35-38 years old but in captivity they live about 49 years old. The rhino get i calf. The rhino eat leaves, twings, herbs, small trees and graas.


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