The Bicycle

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The Bicycle

kirkpatrick Macmillan's

Biography*Occupation: Inventor* Birthday: September 2,1812* Death Date: January 26,1878* Invented the first pedal bicycle (1839)* Blacksmith

Interesting Facts*Kirkpatrick never thought about making money out of this invention.*Wanted to ride 68 miles in Glasow in June of 1842 ; It took 2 days *Was fined 5 shillings for injuring a little girl who ran in front of him.*Nothing else was invented.

Why am I so GREAT and HOW did this help?*I was able to help with the transportation of people and goods*This was a very entertaining yet adventureous, piece for the families who could afford it.

Important Info*The 2 Wheel Mobster can be purchased at the Kirk's Ruff Ryder Palace located in the UK*Societies that are looking to get around in style!*Starting price 6 shillings - Note: Prices May Vary

Ruff RydersWe're Ruff & We ride

The BicycleA.K.A The 2 Wheel MobsterBy: Brenda Olea & Betsy Lira

Customer Testimonial(s)"This product is so amazing! I can get around town so much faster now! The 2 wheel Mobster makes is easier for me to commute to many places! A huge thank you to Kirk's Ruff Ryder Palace! You are AMAZING!


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