The Best School Trip by Ognjen

by Lingva
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Language Arts

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The Best School Trip by Ognjen

The Best school trip was when i went with my class. We went on Zlatibor. It was in the fifth grade.

We started the trip at 9 o'clock on Friday. I was sitting on last seats or ,,šarage,, and our trip lasted for 3 hours.

During the trip we laughed, listened to music, played games on our phones, talked, wrestled with my friends...

When we came to Zlatibor we were amazed by all those people and all those shops. It's a lot bigger than Valjevo. The highlight of our trip was when we watched a 5D film . It lasted for 5, 6 or 7 minutes, but it was worth the money

But best of all its that its so realistic that is the reason why its so popular. We watched ,,The Mine,, then ,, Snow Day,, then ,, Space,, and Frankestein. When our trip in Zlatibor finished we went home.

We were on top of the mountain and the air was so fresh.

The best school trip by Ognjen



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