The Best School Trip by Nikola Lukic

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The Best School Trip by Nikola Lukic

On our last school trip we went to a science festival in Belgrade.

We went to the building where the first part of the festival was. It was enormous and we had 2 hours to look around. There was everything, from computer stuff and chemistry, to hi-tech guns with automatic aiming.

The Best School Trip

We set off at 7:30am and arrived at 9:45. It was a beginning of an amazing journey.

In the third location, we were all grouped around one stand where one boy was experimenting which of the house chemicals were acids and which were alkalis, when he dropped one erlenmeyer.The alkalis spilled on us, we all started to laugh.

After that we went to McDonald's, and of course I got the biggest sandwich available, the winter party, I waited 30 mins for it to be made!And also I needed 30 mins to eat it.YUM :D

-By Nikola Lukic

After that,we started our joureny back home. We arrived at 6pm.

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After that we were exhausted, but we needed to go to two more locations.The only place we wanted to go was McDonald's.The second location was the most boring one, it was all about eco-system and ecology, but in the end we got chocolate milk. :D



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