The Best School Trip by Mirjana

by Lingva
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Language Arts

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The Best School Trip by Mirjana

When we go to school trips we are happy,we aren’t shy,we are crazy. Boys are very unruly , When we went to a school trip last year I was in a bus with my friend Andjela. We took crazy photos and we listened to music.

There were a lot of school trips where I went but my favorite school trip was in Vrnjacka banja .That was in the sixth grade!

The best school tripby: Mirjana Djukic

First we went to Monastery Zica. There we spent half an hour. I bought some souvenirs. After that we went to Monastery Ljubostinja.Before we went to Vrnjacka banja we had a short break. My friends and I ate our breakfast. In Vrnjacka Banja we had two hours to go sightseeing.We went to a park and we saw a lot of different flowers In different colors. We went to a cinema and a restaurant.We ate pancakes. We saw a lot of padlocks on the bridge. They symbolize love. While we were going home we were watching a film.