The Best School Trip by Marija

by Lingva
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Language Arts

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The Best School Trip by Marija

The Best School Tripby: Marija

At the weekend,I went on Suvobor. I was with my class and teacher.We travelled by bus, for 2 hours.In the bus,I listened to music and ate a lot of food.

When we arrived, we learned a lot of new things. My friend and I climbed to the top. The top's name is Rajac. We saw some interesting flowers and animals. We stayed in the mountain home where we had lunch. But I ate pancakes with my friend Uros.There we played cards and basketball in the playground. My friend Andrijana rode a horse. It was such a fun trip.

Our School organises school trips two times a year.Everybody loves them because we can find out a lot of new things and we usually have a lot of fun.