The best school trip by Jelisaveta Maksimovic

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The best school trip by Jelisaveta Maksimovic

The best school trip by Jelisaveta

Every school trip was good but the one to Novi Sad was the best.

Time Line


It was a windy morning, we were outside the school waiting for the bus. Most of us were wearing tracksuits and backpacks with food. We set off at about 8:00.

Then we had some free time. Some of my friends and me didn’t know what to do so we decided to walk along and see if we could find something. We found the square and it was beautiful with a lot of monuments.

Then we went to Zmajev museum. It’s a birth house of Jovan Jovanovic, he was one of the best Serbian poets. His nick name is Zmaj – it means dragon. We saw how Jovan and his family lived there. There is a beautiful garden too. After seeing the house we went next door to buy some souvenirs. But then, it started raining so we got on the bus.

One of the most beautiful buildings was the cathedral 'Imena Marijinog'. It is big and it has a clock on it.

After that we went to my favorite place on this school trip and that is Nature museum of Novi Sad. We saw animals' skeletons, some beautiful rocks, some birds' eggs and some mounted animals. I photographed everything. The most interesting thing,for me, was a head and tusks of a mammoth. They were really big.







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